I'm Sam!

I launched Freedom Lifestyle as a five episode podcast series in Nov 2017. The week I uploaded the first show, I was terrified and overthinking everything 😅

I had just had my world crushed when a job opportunity to move to San Francisco ended up leaving me unemployed. I needed to make money but I was done spending more time in an office than with the people I care about.


It seemed like lots of friends around me deeply desired this too. We all wanted the independence and freedom to create our own days and work in ways that worked for us. 


So, I decided to figure it out for myself and for everyone courageous enough to join me in this movement. 

Three seasons later, I'm humble bragging (reads: just bragging) about:


  • partnerships with global brands like WeWork, Fiverr and Remote Year

  • an engaged online community of freedom seekers

  • paid speaking gigs, including emceeing the UnCo Summit! 

  • two sold out live podcast tapings

  • freelance clients that have let me work for them from Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, BC and more ✈️

  • a closer understanding of my version of free. 

The Freedom Lifestyle is so much more than a podcast series. It's an emotionally charged movement rooted in today's culture. 

Are you ready to take the lifestyle you know you deserve?

What's your free? ♥️ Sam