8 Digital Nomad Jobs You Could Start Tomorrow

Working online as a location independent, digital nomad is easier than you think.

I used to think that luck was what it took. That these experiences were limited to contest winners and the rich and famous. The Digital Nomad has proved me wrong.

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Turns out contests like "best job in the world" were the spark for an entire movement. Enter the Digital Nomad. 

These location independent folks have cracked the code. They work online which means they #WorkFromAnywhere 🤙

They didn't win a contest. They didn't get lucky. 

They decided what life they wanted and shifted their actions to reflect that. 

I learned it's easier than you think. I dedicated 2018 to making this shift and now wifi, a Macbook and Yeti mic is all I need. 

Let this episode be a spark for YOU. 

Here are 8 Digital Nomad Jobs you could literally start tomorrow. 

In this solo episode we explore:

~ easy ways to start working online

~ digital nomad jobs

~ non-technical gigs that can be done remote

~ resources to leverage to become a digital nomad

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