Couples Who Nomad

It has been one full year of podcasting and living the Freedom Lifestyle. I can still remember last November having insomnia so many nights in a row because I was terrified to release my first episode. It's wild to think how quickly things can change.

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My boyfriend was such a rock for me in this time of uncertainty and was the one who shifted my fear into opportunity. At the time of launching Freedom Lifestyle I was still in a 9-5 mindset, discouraged that I wasn't "working". He told me to look at this as an opportunity to take a wild adventure and so the preparation of transitioning to a digital nomad couple ensued.

He quit his job, I built a roster of freelance clients and on Jan 6 we'll embark on an extended travel adventure across South America. Before we go all in though, we thought "hey, let's make this into a podcast".

In this episode you'll hear stories of other couples who experienced the nomad lifestyle together, traveling from destination to destination with no fixed address.

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