Crowdfunding Your Freedom

Have you ever considered launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund an idea, business venture or philanthropic project? 

I've been curious about how this stuff works ever since platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo mainstreamed the concept. 

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Last week I took the plunge and launched MY FIRST Kickstarter campaign and raised $8k in the first week!!!

I'd love for you to check it out and share with anyone you think would be interested!

Before I took the leap though I sat down with other entrepreneurs who crowdfunded their freedom in hopes of sorting out what it takes to be successful. 

In this episode you'll hear the story of a Kickstarter campaign that surpassed its goal and one that missed the mark and had all their pledges returned (yeah, that's a thing).

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Freedom Lifestyle represents the movement towards freedom in life and work. We interview entrepreneurial people who've created a lifestyle of independence, that's on their own terms. We discover their version of the Freedom Lifestyle, learn how they got there and reflect on the impact its had

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