Daily Rituals You Can Do Anywhere

When you work flexibly you get to make a lot of important decisions and your daily rituals are done from anywhere. Gone are the days of being told when to set your alarm, "fitting in work outs" and lunching at noon sharp. See ya! ✌️

"With freedom comes responsibility" ― Eleanor Roosevelt 

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With all this freedom though, some of us will THRIVE. We'll be self-disciplined and take on the challenge of optimizing AM to PM. Others will catch themselves watching Netflix in the middle of the day because technically, we can. This was me.

When you have the freedom lifestyle, time is currency. How will you spend it? What are your daily rituals?

In this solo episode we explore:

~ self-care rituals ~ creating a morning routine ~ lifestyle hacks ~ how to optimize your day ~ productivity for the self-employed

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