Designing a Goal Setting Weekend with Your Partner

A few weeks ago, I designed a goal setting weekend with my partner. We carved out two full days to reflect, align and design our 2020 vision and beyond.

We set personal, professional and relationship goals.

We laughed, argued, got uncomfortable and manifested clarity. We ended with a vision we felt aligned with and in this podcast episode share the agenda that worked for us.

I hope you don’t follow it perfectly! I hope hearing our experience is the inspiration and motivation you need to carve out the time and design an agenda on your “own terms” 😉.

Grab your lover, business bestie or make it all about you.

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In this episode Sam and Jared discuss:

  • Designing the agenda for a goal setting weekend

  • Collecting an inventory of your 2019 wins

  • Reflecting on key learnings from previous year

  • Aligning on personal and relationship values

  • Setting mantras for the new year

  • Creating your 2020 intentions using 90 day sprints

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