Work From Anywhere

"There’s a new generation of workers who won’t be tied to any one place. They can’t be restricted by the confines of an office, or bound by the standard 9-5. The future of work is anywhere"

This new report from Remote Year x Fiverr was the inspiration for my latest podcast episode.

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62% of remote workers chose to work remotely so they could have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere they want. They’re working from home, from cafes, from coworking spaces, and even remote countries!

I gave the lifestyle a go earlier this year while in Guatemala. Verdict? 🔥

In this episode you'll hear about one of the OG companies empowering this movement ~ Remote Year. [use this link for $300 off one of their trips 😉]

Emily Moyer is the Head of Brand and Content at Remote Year, serving this innovative company since its early days. We discuss the company's mission, the people they're attracting and her personal experience with travel.

Maggie Fogg spent 1 year traveling 20 countries with Remote Year as a freelancing digital nomad. Learn about her experience in this new episode.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Characteristics of remote workers

  • The types of work you can take remote

  • Employer attitudes towards remote work

  • How to pitch your boss on taking your job remote

  • The concept of slow travel

  • Creating a routine as a digital nomad

  • What you can expect from the remote year program

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