Podcast E18: Expert Side Hustler with Istiana Bestari

Istiana Bestari has never had a “9-5”. She’s a self-proclaimed expert side hustler and found the freedom lifestyle right out of university.


Istiana’s a travel vlogger, YouTuber, singer/songwriter and full-time videographer/photographer under her business Lilac Media Group.

“When things get crazy and busy, I remind myself that I chose this and I control everything I'm doing to be able to travel lots, create my own schedule and do the things I've always wanted to do."

In this episode, Sam and Istiana discuss:

  • the early days of launching a YouTube channel

  • pitching brands as a content creator

  • pursuing a dream career in the music industry

  • challenges of the traditional “9-5”

  • balancing multiple revenue streams

  • running a business with your boyfriend

Freedom Lifestyle ~ Istiana Bestari


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