Live Podcast Taping: Part One

Kicking off Season 3 with an episode over 100 people have already heard. This recording is from the live podcast taping I hosted July 2018 at WeWork in Toronto.

Part 1 of this special evening featured mini interviews on-stage with Victoria Hui (Full-Time Blogger + Instagram Influencer ) and Meghan Kraft (Fashion Designer and Freelance Creative). Just listening to the recording will make you feel like you were right there with them - giggles from the audience and all!

Victoria and I dug into the Influencer Marketing industry:

  • Her journey to 88k followers while being an early adopter of blogging

  • Transitioning from a side hustle to being a full-time blogger and influencer

  • How much money she and others are making from influencer marketing

  • Factors to consider when pricing a sponsored post (see Hashtag Paid)

  • Dream collaborations and her favourite brand partnerships to date

  • Her tips for taking a great photo!

My conversation with Victoria was sponsored by Hashtag Paid - the world's leading influencer marketing solution.

Meghan and I explore for career story:

  • Her decision to permanently delay medical school for entrepreneurship

  • The evolution of her "freedom lifestyle" definition

  • How to leverage your natural gifts and design your career

  • Self-promotion and effectively utilizing your personal brand

  • Pricing yourself as a freelancer

  • Finding work in the gig economy

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