Live Podcast Taping: Part Two

I'm pleased to release (aka finally edit) part two of this special evening. If you were there, you know we laughed a lot. If you missed it, get ready to giggle.

In this episode you'll hear my favourite moments from our live interview recordings with Josh Walters ~ Co-Founder of the Feedback App and 30 under 30 leader in sustainability PLUS Kate Taylor ~ Part-Time Wanderluster & Growth Strategist with The Girls Trip.

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✨ This episode was sponsored by WeWork - make a life, not just a living.

I also partnered with The Girls Trip who is making bucket-list travel destinations more accessible to women. Use code "freedomlifestyle" for a discount on your first trip! ✨

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Freedom Lifestyle represents the movement towards freedom in life and work. We interview entrepreneurial people who've created a lifestyle of independence, that's on their own terms. We discover their version of the Freedom Lifestyle, learn how they got there and reflect on the impact its had

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