My Digital Nomad Transition

10 cities, 32 nights , 2 countries and my first podcast episode! Transitioning to working while abroad is just a tad more challenging than freelancing from my Grandma’s.

Yes, I knew the wifi would be tough and I figured being on-the-go every three nights wouldn’t help, but I definitely didn’t expect to double down on “leisure living” as much as I have 🏝.

It’s been nice to take a break from the laptop but at a point you really do start to miss the… dare I say “hustle”.

It feels good to be productive and it feels even better to add value and serve other people. So, as I transition back into a gentler grind I wanted to first make something for you! I just produced this new solo podcast episode geared towards anyone with dreams of packing up for an extended travel adventure ✈️.

In this episode I share:

  • The best purchases I made for this trip

  • The top apps / tools I’m utilizing most while traveling

  • Interesting ways you can make money while traveling or simply how to do it on a dime

  • Things I’m missing most from back home

Have a friend that’s transitioning to nomad life? Fwd this ep their way. Everyone benefits from a “been there too” cheat sheet!

Products mentioned:

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About the show:

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