Flipping The Script w Elle Bulger

As part of a two-woman team, Elle Bulger lives the Freedom Lifestyle while still working for someone else. She’s the Director of Client Success at Pinch Social (the team bringing Social Media Week to Toronto), and has the perks of startup life without the burden of being an entrepreneur.

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It hasn’t all been a home run; Elle gets real with her previous roles and the negative impact they had on her mental health. She also shares the charming and oh so inspiring story of how she “flipped the script” and proposed to her boyfriend, now fiancé, in Mexico a few weeks ago.

In this episode, Sam and Elle discuss:

  • creating the freedom lifestyle while working for someone else

  • discovering that entrepreneurship isn’t for you

  • how your job can help or hinder an anxiety disorder

  • achieving self-care through the freedom lifestyle

  • tips for using social media to grow you brand or business

  • what not to do on social media

  • what it’s like to propose to your boyfriend

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About the show:

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