It Started With A Blog - Reese Evans

What would you ask for if you knew the answer was going to be Yes? That’s the mindset Reese Evans began to adopt when she first launched Yes Supply in 2015. She’s since turned a blog empowering women to realize their dreams, into a full blown collective.

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Reese is living and breathing the life she knew she always deserved but didn’t know how to get. She’s now a Master Life and Success coach where she helps women live their purpose using her expertise in NLP and EFT (worth the google search). She also speaks all over the world including the legendary #girlboss rally!

Reese has found her version of the freedom lifestyle and bringing women in along way. Discover her journey to YES.

In this episode, Sam and Reese discuss:

  • Power of manifestation and knowing what you want

  • The science behind NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

  • How positive affirmations can work for you

  • Tips for gaining control of your time and life

  • Reese’s story of speaking at #girlboss rally

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About the show:

✨ Freedom Lifestyle represents the movement towards freedom in life and work. We interview entrepreneurial people who've created a lifestyle of independence, that's on their own terms. We discover their version of the Freedom Lifestyle, learn how they got there and reflect on the impact its had. ✨