Make That Money Honey w Lisa Zamporo

When Lisa Zamparo was a kid she dreamed of working on Bay street and making six figures by the age of 30. So, that’s what she did.

Lisa got her CPA designation, a job at a big accounting firm and began to climb that corporate ladder. She had the financial success but it wasn’t what she expected. She didn’t feel happy. She was living for the weekend and felt disconnected from the freedom she valued.

So, on her honeymoon of all places, Lisa and her very newlywed husband took a three hour hike and planned how she would quit her job and become an entrepreneur.

In this episode, Sam and Lisa discuss:

  • Entrepreneurial experiences in your youth

  • The future of work and creating a career for yourself

  • Being okay with failure and rejection as an entrepreneur

  • Financial planning and what many startups get wrong

  • Personal finance and the power of compound interest

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