Ainsley Moir, Landing + Leaving Your Dream Job

Ainsley Moir has always wanted to make an impact. Growing up she dreamed about working for global companies like Coca-Cola where she could use her marketing skills to shape the world’s biggest brands. So, she did.

She spent a decade in corporate life before awakening to the fact that if she was working this hard to grow someone else’s brand, why can’t she just apply that energy to a business of her own. She tested a few different side hustles before picking one and taking the plunge to full-time free.

Ainsley gets real about that transition - how she totally freaked out just weeks before quitting and the types of conversations she had to have with herself to make sure she did it anyway.

In this episode, Sam and Ainsley discuss:

  • How early mentors helped Ainsley land dream jobs

  • The disconnect she felt working in Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Various side hustles Ainsley tested on evenings and weekends

  • How content marketing is helping her land clients

  • The critical role branding plays in growing a business

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