Podcast E16: Meet the Girlbosses of Toronto

Today were’ spicing things up. You’re not just meeting one fabulous Girlboss, you’re actually going to meet eight. I interviewed all of these women back to back live at the #Girlboss Toronto 4.0 meetup at Make Lemonade.

Their stories are short and sweet and will totally leave you wanting more. Each of them lead totally different businesses with totally different lifestyles. All of these ladies though know their definition of free and are working for it everyday.

Facebook groups like #Girlboss Toronto or mine for Freedom Lifestyle are incredible ways to connect with other women who can help you achieve your version of free.

In this episode, Sam interviews:

1) Claire McCallum

Brand Strategist + Designer

2) Roberta Lindal

Founder KONSNT and La Petite Écolière 3) Alicia Wood Founder of Camp Fuel

4) Prayalini Sathanantham

Founder of Pri.Made.Events

5) Anne Flamant

Founder of D&D Strategy

6) Hailey Loftus

Founder of Hailey Jane

7) Nicki Iskander

Founder of Nicki RMT

8) Christina Paruag

Founder/Editor at FemEvolve

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