The Secret Behind The Stigma

Dayna Langlois believes she's discovered the secret to living an authentic freedom lifestyle. The catch? It's controversial.

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Dayna did everything right. She went to university, got a high paying job and starting to buy all the things. The financial freedom she was working for was evident by the things around her but she wasn't making the memories or collecting the experiences she had imagined. So, when Dayna was suddenly fired from her corporate sales job she took it as an opportunity to create her version of free.

What started as a journey to become Instagram famous, quickly became the pursuit of truth. Dayna is now debunking the myths and stigmas associated with making money online and gets real about the secret to how many women are finding success.

In this episode, Sam and Dayna discuss:

  • Getting fired from corporate

  • Creating brand partnerships as an influencer

  • How multi-level marketing works

  • Stigmas associated with multi-level marketing

  • Why women don't talk about money / their income

Freedom Lifestyle ~ Istiana Bestari

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