Podcast E8: Diana Ross, Uncapped Opportunity

It was just nine months ago that Diana Ross embarked on her journey to the freedom lifestyle. After getting married and turning 30, Diana started to think about her future, her values and her personal freedom. She courageously quit her job as the Director of Sales at a fast growing technology company, to design a business and lifestyle that worked for her.

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Diana Ross is the founder of Greater Marketing, a full service digital agency in Toronto, Canada. Diana loves to work and jokes about actually working more hours now that she’s living the freedom lifestyle. For Diana though, it’s where, when and how she spends those working hours that matters most. It’s also the untapped potential and opportunity of being an entrepreneur that Diana finds so exciting.

In this episode, Sam and Diana discuss:

  • optimizing your time as an entrepreneur

  • the pursuit of self-discovery and personal growth

  • adjusting a marriage to the freedom lifestyle

  • building a business around your passion

  • tracking your finances and making more money than you spend

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