Living Your Full Potential w Jacqueline Leung

As Jacqueline Leung starting to climb the corporate ladder, she noticed how hard it was to push ideas through years of set processes and red tape. She knew this was preventing her from pursuing her full potential so she quit and focused on building a startup.

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Jacqueline is the founder and editor-in-chief of Pressed News, a digital media company that makes the news easy to understand by being concise, speaking like your friend, and giving you context on difficult topics.

We had the opportunity to interview Jacqueline one year into her new Freedom Lifestyle!

In this episode, Sam and Jacqueline discuss:

  • leaving a job that can’t fulfill your potential

  • how support networks aid with imposter syndrome

  • misconceptions of running a startup

  • self-care rituals for entrepreneurs

  • advice from her dad!

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About the show:

✨ Freedom Lifestyle represents the movement towards freedom in life and work. We interview entrepreneurial people who've created a lifestyle of independence, that's on their own terms. We discover their version of the Freedom Lifestyle, learn how they got there and reflect on the impact its had. ✨