Lifestyle vs. The Hustle wKyla Sokoll-Ward

Kyla is an empathetic badass who found freedom for herself by creating it for others. Through online and one-on-one coaching programs, Kyla helps women feel light, sexy and connected. She’s created a business that empowers women and showcases just how easy it is to fall in love with yourself.

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Kyla tried working a traditional 9-5, but couldn’t conform to its glaring limitations. She wanted to be free to live the life she knew she deserved. She wasn’t going to let a job prevent that from happening, so she created a business that allows her to live her dream life, on her own terms. Kyla is living the Freedom Lifestyle and loving it.

In this episode, Sam and Kyla discuss:

  • The limitations of working a traditional 9-5

  • Kyla’s commitment to happiness and the sacrifices she had to make

  • How she got her first coaching client and what that felt like

  • Tips for conquering your fears of promoting yourself on social media

  • Overcoming your need for validation from others

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About the show:

✨ Freedom Lifestyle represents the movement towards freedom in life and work. We interview entrepreneurial people who've created a lifestyle of independence, that's on their own terms. We discover their version of the Freedom Lifestyle, learn how they got there and reflect on the impact its had. ✨