Scaling Your Podcast with Edwin Frondozo

Launching a podcast is one thing, scaling a podcast another. Today’s guest is an expert at growing podcasts by creating systems, building repeatable processes and outsourcing work through virtual assistants.

Edwin Frondozo is a podcast host, startup founder, freelance consultant and family man. He’s able to produce weekly, award winning podcast episodes while only being involved with parts of the production that he enjoys.

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In this episode, Sam and Edwin discuss:

  • scaling podcast production through systems and outsourcing

  • repurposing podcast content into multiple forms of content marketing

  • how to hire a virtual assistant

  • how to become a great podcast interviewer

Ready to launch a show of your own? , listen to this episode and start with Launch a Podcast on a Budget. If you’re ready to scale though, Edwin created an online course just for you 🚀

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