Self-Care For Freedom Seekers

’Tis the season for reflection. With 2019 only a few weeks away, so many of us are thinking about the wins, learnings and memorable moments of the year. We’re also thinking about “what’s next” and what it’s going to take to get there.

While it’s tempting to whip out a spreadsheet and forecast the hustle, can we challenge ourselves to think longer-term? Sustaining a freedom lifestyle requires some introspection and it starts with you.

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Topics include:

  • Self-care rituals while traveling

  • Journal prompts to reflect on your day

  • Hobbies and non-outcome based activities

  • The commercialization of self-care

  • Context switching and its impact on your energy levels

  • Sustainable self-care

Guests include:

Alexa Meyer is the Founder and CEO of Orchid - a mental health startup that’s creating a gym for your mind. Alexa hosts Mental Health Pop Ups across North America and is on a mission to help reduce the friction involved with trying out therapy.

Kayley Reed is the Host and Producer of the Self-Care Sunday podcast, a series of interviews and personal reflections around mental health, entrepreneurship, social media, and self-care.  Kayley launched this series after a three year stint in non-stop startup grind, previously running a retail brand that was helping break the stigma of mental health through fashion.