Tech For Digital Nomads

Want a peek into my Digital Nomad tech stack? There's a number of apps, tools and resources I love and use daily / weekly / monthly.

With the Freedom Lifestyle, we're NOT in competition with each other. There's room for all of us to be successful - in fact, we get there quicker together. #SharingIsCaring

Here's the tech I use to be successful as a Digital Nomad:

1) Selling Online Courses 💻

So many nomads are making their money by selling courses online. I only recently got on the bandwagon (reads: passive income stream) with my course Launch a Podcast on a Budget.

Before I could hit publish on it though, I needed to pick a platform to host and sell my courses. After trialing many options, I chose Podia. Their user experience has a premium look and feel without the premium pricing I've seen from their competitors.

They offer a 14-day free trial too!

2) Invoicing Clients 💸

In a typical month, I'm sending half a dozen invoices out to various clients. Whether it be one-off consulting gigs, or my regular clients I maintain on retainer.

FreshBooks offers a ton of free resources online for entrepreneurs, but I particularly enjoy their customizable invoice templates. They're simple and professional - plus, I can integrate them with Google Docs (where I keep almost all of my other client work).

3) Travel Insurance ✈️

You might recognize this brand from episode #32 of my podcast! Now, whenever I travel for more than 15 consecutive days (my credit card covers me for shorter trips), I sign up for SafetyWing.

Their travel medical insurance is literally made for nomads and you're covered for less than $40 USD / month!

4) Podcasting While Traveling 🎧

First I learned how to #workfromanywhere, then I learned to bring my podcast show with me. My at-home setup wasn't going to cut it though as my Yeti mic is simply too big and heavy to fit in a carry on.

I recently purchased the Samsung Go and am OBSESSED. It literally fits in my hand and still has a bi-directional polar pattern meaning I can use it for in-person interviews. As a Digital Nomad on the road, I'm always meeting cool people with amazing stories to share.

This mic allows me to capture these opportunities and podcast from anywhere!

5) Travel Apps 📱

There's nothing better than a travel app that works in offline mode. #DoYouHaveWifi?

I have a special folder of iPhone apps specifically for travel, but my favs are:

  • Google Translate - allows you to quickly navigate language barriers before anyone gets frustrated. They even offer voice translation!

  • Currency app - gives you real-time exchange rates for over 160 countries. Put in one currency and instantly see what it's worth in every other country!

  • - lets you find your way, anywhere in the world without connecting to the internet!

If you want to travel as a lifestyle and live like a digital nomad, these technology resources will make the "little things" a breeze. Leaving you to focus on what matters: taking your dream lifestyle and sustaining it!


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