What Laptop Lifestyles Are Missing

“It's kind of like building a country on the internet.”

― Sondre Rasch, SafetyWing

The two convos I’m sharing with you today are really beneficial for anyone pursuing a laptop lifestyle or wanting to work while traveling long-term.

As a newbie digital nomad, there’s only so much life experience I can share ... and sometimes you need to call in the experts.

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First I interviewed Sondre Rasch. He's originally from Norway and moved to San Francisco when his company, SafetyWing got into Y Combinator 🔥

His team is taking on the #BHAG of creating a global safety net for digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Why? Because working for yourself is already hard AF. Not to mention the lack of health benefits, income stabilization and employment insurance.

I needed to learn more though. Who are these seasoned digital nomads leveraging the security of SafetyWing while globetrotting with their Macbooks?

So, next I interviewed Bauke Vreeswijk. He's originally from the Netherlands (we international, friends) but has been living nomadically and working online for the last 5 years!

We discuss his evolution to becoming a digital nomad and how affiliate marketing empowered him to become full-time free.

👇 This is what your laptop lifestyle is missing 👇

In this episode we explore:

~ the future of work and nomadic lifestyles ~ characteristics of digital nomads ~ how affiliate marketing works ~ hiring remote workers ~ income stabilization solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Have a friend that wants to live like a nomad? Fwd this ep their way. Everyone benefits from a “been there too” cheat sheet 🤙

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