Why Freedom Lifestyle?

I wish I could say I chose this but really, the Freedom Lifestyle chose me. After a series of setbacks, I created freelance work for myself out of necessity and ended up loving it. This is the Freedom Lifestyle story.

It doesn't have to last forever for it to be worth doing. We're meant to explore different things and we're allowed to change our minds over and over again. Time spent realizing something isn't a fit, is still time well spent.

The Freedom Lifestyle allows me to experience working in multiple industries at once, working in a variety of different capacities. I have the flexibility to work remotely and spend quality time with people and in places I love; something I deeply value.

Most importantly though, the Freedom Lifestyle gives me a platform to empower other people. Hustle is inspiring and freedom is contagious. I want to be a resource for those interested in this lifestyle and create a support network for those living it.

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Thanks for reading this. Means more than you know.

Sam Laliberte